About Us

Hello World. Welcome to COLOSSAL CLOSET, an extension of my heart, body and soul. I breathe my words so this is my lifeline I am giving you access to. Handle with care!
Find your fashion fodder as I churn out stories that connect us all to the world of glamour and fashion. From the Trends that rule my heart to the ones that rule the charts, I have dissected everything that catches my roving eye to the core and laid out the inside stories for you to feast on. Some inside scoop and some delectable style, there’s a lil bit of everything in this potpourri of life and fashion.
Brands stories, Inspiring people, my kind of fashion and random events that hold a special place in my heart, this is where it all comes, un-forbidden.

About Me

I am Mansi, slightly effervescent, slightly subdued and majorly moody. I am a part time blogger, part time dreamer and just another girl trying to do everything at the same time! Multitasking is not even a choice, it’s a rule! 
I’m a Gemini; I am patented fickle so I change my mind everyday!  But So does fashion. Hence, I am fashion! I am a fashion journey from anti fit trousers to bodycons, all sprinkled with a generous portion of style seasonings. When not blogging, I am still blogging.
All views expressed in my blog are personal and facts are based on thorough research. Facts can be verified, opinions are all mine to play with! Happy judging!

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