COLOSSAL CLOSET was started in 2014 as a showcase of everything that Mansi, the brain behind this blog, loves about fashion. What started as a platform to portray latest trends and style statements is now a full -fledged website where you can find her personal styles, her journey as a mother, the brands she loves, the latest happenings in the world of glamour, Health, Lifestyle, her travel sojourns and tit bits of UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL GYAAN as well.

Mansi Nathani

That's exactly how I would like to sum up my journey as a blogger from start till now and ahead. Four years in this world of words, photographs and memories seems like a long time but I only wake up feeling every day as if I have just begun. The good thing about doing what you love is that it never becomes monotonous. You keep growing each day, your ideas somehow find a form in the way of pictures or characters that you can share with others and in a way, add something to life, yours and hopefully your followers' as well. COLOSSAL CLOSET is an extension of me, it speaks what no other medium has ever been able to speak for me. Although I am from a commerce background, fashion and journalism were always my forte and that culmination is exactly what has brought me so far with my blog. As a mother to a Pre teen, I always try to make sure that the content I am creating resonates with my sensibilities not just as a woman or a trendsetter or an influencer, but also as a parent.

As it continues to grow both in terms of popularity and in terms of categories, COLOSSAL CLOSET prides itself on remaining free from bias and plagiarism . All the content expressed on the website is honest and the views expressed are completely personal. Follow us as we unfold a new facet with each article and each new picture that we showcase here.